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According to the Modern Diplomacy report from Finder, the price of bitcoin is expected to reach $87,000 by 2025

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    Bitcoin (BTC) is set to reach a new all-time high by 2025, according to Finder’s latest Bitcoin Price Predictions Report.

    Finder’s panel of 31 cryptocurrency and fintech specialists on average predict that BTC will end the year at roughly $30k, before skyrocketing to $87k by the end of 2025. 

    Futurist Joseph Raczynski thinks BTC will end 2023 worth $29k but will reach $80k by the end of 2025. He points out that “[e]verything is subject to the SEC BTC ETF at this time.” According to Raczynski, there’s a chance that BTC’s price would double once a spot BTC ETF is approved. 

    Raczynski is part of the majority of panellists (60%) thinking BTC’s price will increase significantly should the SEC approve a spot BTC ETF and 47% saying BTC would hit a new all-time high within a year of its approval. 

    The majority (60%) of panellists think the SEC will approve a spot BTC ETF in 2024. A fifth of the panel (20%) think it will be approved within the year, while 10% say it won’t be until 2025 or later, 7% are unsure, and 3% think that it won’t be approved at all.

    Omnia Markets founder and CEO Mitesh Shah predicts BTC will end the year at $35k before hitting $105k by the end of 2025. He is part of the 20% who think the BTC ETF will be approved within the year:

    “There is a growing consensus that the SEC will eventually approve a Bitcoin ETF, with BlackRock’s application being the most likely candidate. The approval of any Bitcoin ETF would open the floodgates for institutional investment, and the announcement of such approval would likely result in an immediate spike in Bitcoin’s price.”

    Finance Magnates senior analyst and editor Damian Chmiel thinks BTC will end 2023 at $30k and 2025 at $50k. On top of anticipating a BTC ETF in 2024, Chmiel believes the upcoming halving event will also have a positive impact on BTC’s price. 

    57% of Finder’s panel expect a moderate BTC price increase in the months leading up to the halving event, while 30% expect a significant price hike. Meanwhile 10% say BTC’s price will decrease, while 3% think the price won’t change.

    “Next year’s halving could be an event that shifts the balance of power in favour of Bitcoin. I still believe that the digital asset will ultimately reach new all-time highs and attain a six-figure value,” Chmiel said. 

    Nearly a quarter (23%) of the panel think BTC will reach a new all-time high as early as 6 months following the halving event. Half (53%) of the panel also anticipate a new peak for BTC, but claim it won’t arrive until at least a year after. However, a fifth (20%) think a new all-time high is unlikely, with 7% saying either the price won’t change or may even decline.

    RealFevr VP of Web3 Pedro Febrero is part of the 10% who think that BTC will reach a new all-time high as early as 3 months after the halving, claiming that halving events are usually followed by mini bull runs.

    Seasonal Tokens creator Ruadhan O thinks BTC will reach $30k by year-end before hitting $125k in 2025.  He agrees that BTC may reach a new peak after the halving event, however, he doesn’t think it’s likely to happen until at least a year later: 

    “The effects of Bitcoin’s halvings on the price have gotten weaker over time for two reasons: One is that the supply of new Bitcoins to the market is getting smaller over time in comparison to the existing supply of Bitcoins, causing the influence of mining on the price to weaken.”

    On the other hand, Rouge International and Rouge Ventures managing director Desmond Marshall is slightly more bearish on the long-term future of BTC. Marshall predicts an end-of-2025 price of $35k and is part of the 20% who don’t think BTC will reach a new all-time high after the halving event.

    “The infighting farce between the US government, Gary Gensler, and various regulatory orgs, is actively causing FUD amongst the public. Rumours of a coming recession may boost crypto a bit, but the vagueness of whether or not it will be regulated may cause a further dip in the price,”

    “BTC is still the strongest crypto of all, so I don’t think the dip will be as hard as other tokens. The halving timeline should increase it a bit, but the human interference of US policies will block it from going to the moon.”

    Overall 66% of Finder’s panel believe now is the time to buy BTC, 24% hold, and 10% sell.


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